Terms & Conditions

BlogShop Terms & Conditions

1. WordPress Platform

We specialize in building blogs and websites on wordpress.org. WordPress.org is a self-hosted blogging platform and you will also need to purchase a web hosting plan prior to install. Client may follow our step-by-step instructions on setting this up or request assistance for an additional cost. Upon blog delivery, we will provide a WordPress training guide to help you create and edit posts in the future.

2. Design Rights

Our designs are copyrighted Knick+Knack Design Co., prior to being sold as well as once purchased. You are strictly prohibited from removing or altering the copyright notices on the bottom of each installed design. You are prohibited from claiming the work as your own. You are prohibited from sharing the theme or any design elements we provide with additional users. We reserve the right to request removal of the theme should the user have violated our terms in any capacity. Terms and prices are subject to change. Once a design has been purchased from the BlogShop, owner will be the only install of this design and the design will be taken out of the shop permanently.

3. Plugins

We will install the necessary plugins needed for the development of the purchased blog design. Any additional plugins will need to be purchased and installed by the Client after final site delivery.

4. Domain + Hosting

Client will be required to purchase domain + hosting prior to our site build. We suggest using Siteground, but client may research and purchase hosting on the hosting company of their choosing.

5. Site Testing

All designs include a 72-hour testing period after installation in which the client will be allowed to report any technical issues experienced.

6. Add-on Purchases

Any add-ons purchased in the Blog Questionnaire will be billed to the client separately. This invoice must be paid in full before the final blog installment takes place.

7. Technical Support

We do not offer technical support on any elements outside of the design itself. We can help you locate the support center for your hosting service if you are experiencing any technical difficulties. We do not offer on-going maintenance to the site but we can refer you to developers and services who do.