My business goals for May 2017

Back in April, I wrote my first ever goal setting post. Goal setting is something I’m trying to work into my weekly & monthly routines in order to achieve my bigger picture goals by the end of the year. So, in honor of the new month, today I’ll be sharing my business goals for May.

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If you’re ready to join me in goal setting, be sure to download my free deductive goal setting worksheet to get started!

Before we talk about my business goals for May, I wanted to quickly recap the goals I was able to accomplish last month.


1. Post 2-3 tweets daily and engage in one Twitter chat a week.

I signed up for a Buffer account and was able to schedule 4 tweets per day! When I started my Twitter goal, I had 120 followers (I know, I’ve seriously neglected the power of Twitter) and at the end of the month, I had 148 followers. Though I did experience growth, I’m hoping to increase the growth rate even more this month.

2. Guest post on one blog with a larger audience than me.

I was able to secure two guests posts last month, both on blogs with larger audiences than me. The posts will be going out this month, but it feels great to have successfully made connections with influencers in my niche.

3. Create a new Lead Magnet.

I created a brand new lead magnet for an upcoming course I’m launching. This new lead magnet has had an incredible response and I’m hoping to keep the momentum going through the next few months. Be sure to check it out HERE.


1. Add 200 subscribers to my email list.

Last month, I set a goal to add 100 new subscribers to my email list. Unfortunately, I was not able to achieve this goal. However, I was able to set some new systems in place that I’m hoping will have a dramatic effect on my traffic & list growth this month. Here are the changes I’ve made/plan to make:

  • New Lead Magnet that directly targets bloggers
  • An above the fold opt-in box on all my blog post pages
  • A new Pinterest strategy optimizing group boards
  • Changed my homepage to offer several free Lead Magnet options
  • Welcome Mat that offers my new Lead Magnet to users before entering my site
  • Guest Posting
  • Webinars

2. Host my first webinar.

Webinars are something I’ve really wanted to incorporate into my business growth and list building strategy. This month, I plan to do a Joint Venture Webinar with Becca from According to BBooks (so stay tuned for more details). In addition, I’d like to create a Signature Webinar to roll out early June that ties in with my upcoming course launch.

Webinars currently terrify me. But I know how effective and powerful they can be. I’m willing to get over my fear and just try in order to optimize my business’ growth these next few months.

3. Guest post for two more influencers in my niche.

Over the next few months, I’m really trying to capitalize on the opportunity to guest post and collaborate with influencers in my niche. In order to be exposed to a larger audience, I plan to write two more guest posts for the month of May.

Goals are SO important to our success and overall well-being. When we accomplish a goal we set for ourselves, our body releases seretonin, physically making us feel happier.

Don’t forget to download my FREE Deductive Goal Setting worksheet to discover what small goals will get you to your big goal!

What goals have you set for yourself and your business this month?

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Business goals for May, business goals, setting business goals, setting goals, free worksheet, business tips, blogging tips


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